Promoting the traditional pottery culture and creating sustainable employment.

If Biryani is your bae since forever, Haadi Biryani is your ultimate destination to drool yourself in the authentic taste of Biryani. Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian, you will be surprised at how something as simple as a mixed rice dish can prove to be so mouth-watering to make you fall in love with it. But, Haadi Biryani is not just about serving you with the authentic Mughlai cuisine in town. It’s way beyond that!!

Haadi Biryani aims to serve their Biryani in the clay pots which are directly brought from Bhaktapur and not imported from China. This not only creates that local feel when you have your delicious Biryani, but at the same time also kind of gives that boost to the local culture of pottery which is helping the locals out there in Bhaktapur to earn and have their living.

Traditionally spun and fired clay pots are the identity of Bhaktapur’s thriving craft trades. It’s a fascinating process to watch and more than just the ready-made pots, what fascinates more to you is the actual process of pot-making there. For them, pottery is not just a way to earn, but has been their culture where each one of them has a role to play from the old men crafting the mud into spectacular vessels in minutes, old women looking after the pots kept for drying and coloring to the young men engaged in carrying heavy heaps of mud from one corner of the square to the other, with young women beating and processing clay.

Haadi Biryani believes in working together. All the haadi used in Haadi biryani is made locally by our Potters living in outskirts of Bhaktapur called “Prajapati Basti”. As we do not reuse Haadi for cooking, we are generating continuous demand for Haadi which in turn is creating sustainable employment opportunities to our local potters and artisan. Currently we our working with 2-3 potters and we are very happy to see changes in their earning capacity and their daily lifestyle with the work we have created for them. With our expansion, we are even planning to further develop employment opportunities for local potters enhancing their earning capabilities.

Isn’t it a great initiative to carry social work along with business that too promoting the local culture???


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