Why Haadi Biryani ?

Biryani, just mentioning the word is sufficient to arouse and excite the gastronomic juices of a million plates and is an evergreen classic that really needs no introduction. No matter where ever you reside in the country, you are never too far away from a sumptuous plate of biryani. Where people might betray, a biryani will be at your side forever and make sure to leave a smile on your face by the end of the last grain of rice. If you are a biryani aficionado, you would know what a plate full of fragrant rice with succulent meat and aromatic herbs can do to the senses, and Haadi Biryani is here to fulfill your desire!

There’s a lot associated with the authentic art of Biryani making and we know it better than Haadi Biryani. We have our unique ingredients, flavors, and styles of cooking resulting to bring out the best biryani ever! In Haadi Biryani, you can settle in for mounds of fragrant biryani that’s studded with tender chunks of meat and glistening chilies that add a fair bit of punch to your meal. You will also love the Bheema’s version because the long-grained is generously spiced and meat has a melt-in-the-mouth-consistency. Our chicken and mutton biryanis are jam packed with luscious Hyderabadi flavors and are to die for. Besides the paya, shirmal, bheja fry, kheema and gurda bhaji, the chicken and the mutton biryanis are spot on – worth every penny that you spend here where the meat is marinated in basic spices and is further packed with flavors derived from adding coriander, mint, plums, lemon juice!

We promise a delightful experience to all Mughlai Biryani lovers in the town with the quality and quantity that we offer are worth a taste and a visit. Haadi Biryani is where you should be heading if you want to lay your hands on a Haadi full of piping hot biryani. Haadi Biryani is no doubt about the best biryani in town, but apart from that there is a moreish fare to choose from the appetizers to the main course.

Apart from this, we are not just a business, we also are a socially serving restaurant who is promoting the pottery culture at Bhaktapur and keeping the identity of pottery alive. With Haadi Biryani, you are not just fulfilling your craving for Biryani but also helping the locals of Bhaktapur retain their identity.



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