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Started by two brothers who not only has a passion for food but also an in-depth research in Mughlai cuisine, Haadi Biryani serves the most delectable Mughlai dishes. We claim to serves the most authentic biryani in Kathmandu prepared by our royal Lucknowi chefs. Biryani is cooked and delivered in clay-pot that are tightly sealed with wheat dough.

Our biryani will give you a burst of flavour in every bite as we use the best ingredients including one of the most expensive branded rice specially aged around 2 years, spices from Lucknow, and meat and chicken procured directly from industry-best suppliers. We use cutting-edge technology, and high-graded system to ensure quality, hygiene, and convenience to our customer.

Individually cooked in Haadi
Our biryani is individually sealed and dumcooked in earthenware to maintain aroma and real flavour of biryani. It remains hot at least for an hour.
Best Quality Ingredients
We procure our ingredients from industry best suppliers. We use finest long-grain basmati rice, freshest chicken and mutton, and handpicked spices biryani.
100% HALAL
As we procure our meat and chicken from halal certified supplier, we are halal approved.

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